10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cressida Bonas

Cressida Bones is a name that may not ring bells for many Americans but those in the UK will probably remember the days when she came close to becoming part of the royal family. Cressida is most well-known for dating Prince Harry from from 2012 to 2014. During that time, Cressida got a lot of attention from the media and many thought Harry would eventually pop the question. Even though they went their separate ways, the couple remained on good terms and Cressida has remained a darling in the British media. What many people don’t realize, however, is that there is much more to her than her past relationship. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Cressida Bonas.

1. She Comes From A Large Family

She may not have royal blood, but Cressida comes from a well-to-do family. Her mother was dubbed an ‘it girl’ during the 1960s and her father’s family has been business owners for generations. Although she is the only child from her parents’ relationship, she has seen half siblings. Cressida also has several nieces and nephews.

2. She Was A Guest At Prince Harry’s Wedding

When most people go through a break up, they want as much space from their former as they can get. There aren’t too many people out there who can say they’d be willing to attend an ex’s wedding. However, Cressida and Harry ended things on such good terms that she received an invitation to his wedding with Meghan Markle.

3. She Was A Dancer

Being pretty and charming certainly aren’t the only things Cressida has to offer. She is also a very talented dancer who trained for many years. She studied dance at Leeds University. After graduation, she went on to continue her studies at Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

4. She Loves To Read

Cressida has always been passionate about learning, and what better way to access new information than to read? One of Cressida’s favorite ways to relax is to curl up with a good book. Oftentimes, she even shares photos of the books she’s reading with her followers on Instagram.

5. She Is A Newlywed

Cressida may not have ended up with the prince, but has found happily ever after with her price. In the summer of 2020, she tied the knot with real estate mogul, Harry Wentworth-Stanley. Since the wedding took place during the pandemic, Cressida had to get creative with her ceremony.

6. She Has Theater Experience

Since most of the attention Cressida has gotten over the years has been focused on her relationship with Price Harry, some people may not know that she’s also an actress. On top of having a few on screen roles, she has also done several plays including a production of The Great Gatsby.

7. She Is Not A Fan Of Constantly Having Her Old Relationship Brought Up

Living in the public eye isn’t an easy thing to do, and Cressida has never been a fan of the way people have tried to label her. Cressida told Standard, “No one likes to be labelled, no matter what it is about or where they come from. The hurdles and barriers for me are when I’m trying to do my work and people want to talk about him. I work very hard and love what I do — I just want to continue. But it is still something I have to contend with.”

8. She Has A Podcast

On top of everything else she does, Cressida is also a content creator. She is the host of a weekly podcast called Fear Itself. During each episode, she and a guest discuss their feelings surrounding experiences they’ve had with fear and how they’ve worked to overcome it. As someone who has let fear hold her back at different points in her life, Cressida has lots of interesting perspectives on how to fight the feeling.

9. She Is All About Positivity

Cressida has built a large following on social media, and she loves using her platform to spread positivity and good vibes. From positive pictures to uplifting quotes, if you take a look at Cressida’s Instagram feed, you’ll probably come across a lot of things that will make you smile.

10. She Appreciates The Simple Things

Cressida has probably been exposed to more fancy things in her lifetime than most of us could even imagine. Despite all of the glitz and glamour that has been a part of her life, she really is a simple person at heart. She finds pleasure in the small things like being outdoors and spending time with loved ones.

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