Agitated Summerfield man behind bars after battling gal pal as she called 911

Joseph Michael Radford

A Summerfield man was jailed Wednesday after his lady friend said they got into a scuffle and he grabbed her arms, neck and shirt to restrain her.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that she called 911 about 10 times and each time 28-year-old Joseph Michael Radford would take her cell phone from her and throw it on the ground to keep her from seeking help. Deputies checked phone records and discovered that the victim had called 911 four times and dispatchers could hear her saying, “Get away from me,” “Get your hands off of me,” and “Stop.”

On two occasions, dispatchers reported calling the victim back and a male answered the phone. They reported hearing her in the background saying, “Give me my phone back,” a sheriff’s office report states.

The victim showed deputies a video she recorded on her cell phone of the beginning of the incident with Radford. Deputies observed him moving toward her in an “aggressive manner” and the video then starts to shake. The victim can be heard saying, “Let go of me” and “Stop.” She then says, “I can have you arrested for putting your hands on me,” and Radford replies, “I understand all of that,” the report says.

After being read his rights, Radford claimed he didn’t understand them. When asked what he didn’t understand, he mentioned being detained, became uncooperative and wouldn’t let a deputy further explain his rights, the report says.

Radford was then placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail, where he was charged with domestic battery and obstructing justice. He was being held on no bond and his next court date hasn’t yet been set, jail records show.

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