Anthony Davis needs advice on LeBron James birthday gift

A guy like LeBron James doesn’t need anything else in life. He has a lovely family, a tight group of friends, four NBA titles, four Finals MVP trophies, four regular season MVP plums, and just for a little extra, an itsy bitsy net worth of close to $500 million.

So it was only understandable for Anthony Davis to ask the all-important question that has stumped many scholars: What to get LeBron James for his birthday?

LeBron celebrated his 36th birthday on Wednesday and according to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, after AD weighed his options, which perhaps aren’t that plenty, he decided to maybe give The King some wine.

AD said he may get LeBron some wine for his 36th birthday, upon further consideration after first wondering “What do you get LeBron James?”

Of course, with a birthday this close to Christmas, LeBron said (in the walkoff) he’s used to getting the short end of the gift stick.

— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) December 31, 2020

Of course, the whole world knows by now that LeBron is quite the wine drinker. He boasts of a huge collection and extensive knowledge of different kinds of wines. He even once held a $4,000 wine night.

Aside from being a wine connoisseur, LeBron also invested in Lobos 1707, a popular tequila and mezcal brand. Safe to say, the James household will not be lacking in alcohol.

So clearly, Davis can’t afford to just buy something from a supermarket. But, as Trudell also reported, LeBron said he’s already used to getting normal gifts because his birthday is close to Christmas Day.

LBJ celebrated his birthday with an easy 121-107 win over the San Antonio Spurs. LeBron had 26 points, five rebounds, and eight assists as the Lakers improved to 3-2. Davis provided ample backup with 20 points, eight boards, and three dimes.

They will meet the Spurs again on Friday in hopes of getting their fourth win to start off 2021.

That is if LeBron doesn’t drink too much wine.

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