The Steam Deck is Already Being Scalped

Despite preventative measures being taken, scalers are targeting Valve’s Steam Deck handheld and reselling the queue spots on eBay at incredibly high prices. The new Steam DeckHardware from Valve might have received a positive reception in the beginning, but reservations problems have made it difficult for many to purchase one. Steam Deck is a new … Read more

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible Nanoblock Collection

A Pokemon fan shows off a stunning collection of all the Pokemon figurines they have built using Kawada’s Nanoblock series. In 2013, the Pokemon Company joined forces with Kawada in order to create a line devoted to Pokemon.PokemonFigurines for Nanoblocks are miniature Lego building blocks. The series started with Pokemon from Kanto, but it has … Read more

PlayStation is Monitoring the Switch OLED, Could Change Hardware Pricing

Sony seems to be paying attention to how the Nintendo Switch OLED performs considering its high price and the few improvements it provides. The new design was revealed. Nintendo Switch OLED The mixed reaction from both consumers and professionals was not surprising. However, many people have been eagerly awaiting responses from other console developers. Fans … Read more

The Last of Us 2 Gets Permanent Price Drop

Part 2 of The Last of Us The game has been available for more than a year and gamers who have not yet purchased the action-adventure title are excited to hear that there is good news. The game is now $20 cheaper on the PlayStation Store. There’s no expiration date for the discount, so the … Read more

Xbox Family Settings Update Will Keep Kids from Wasting Money on Microtransactions

Microtransactions are a controversial topic in the gaming industry. Many gamers decry small purchases such as loot boxes or weapon skins in triple A games. WhileAnti-lootbox legislationMicrotransactions seem to be available all the time these days. But,Xbox is taking steps to stop children from making excessive purchases or spending money on microtransactions. Microsoft posted an … Read more