Best Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners 2021: Easy & Delicious Recipes

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Whether you were gifted with a new air fryer over the holidays and have absolutely no clue what to do with it or you’ve let yours collect dust in the kitchen cabinet thanks to lack of inspiration, these kitchen gadgets are far more versatile (and foolproof) than you’d ever imagine. Air Fryers may have hit the culinary scene years ago, but they’ve since garnered a mass following of chefs of all skill levels.

I mean, the countertop kitchen appliance truly is a pretty stellar investment — they allow you to get the effect of frying food without using as much oil and with much less mess, making it easier to whip up healthier alternatives to all of your favorite fried foods. Aside from the staples — french fries, donuts, and whatever else you take fried, air fryers also offer a slew of additional cooking possibilities — from baking, roasting, and even grilling. Heck, you can even bake a pie with an air fryer.

So if your weekly rotation of takeout options has become a bit stale as of late, why not grab some good old fashioned cookbooks to help you get the most out of your air fryer (and not to mention, to save money on dining out on the regular). Sure, you could easily hunt down some pretty stellar air fryer recipes on Pinterest or your favorite foodie blogger’s YouTube channel, but let’s be real — cooking while trying to keep up with the step-by-step instructions from a tiny screen is a straight-up hassle, making the appeal of a simple, tangible cookbook a more sensible — not an old-school approach.

Not only do you run the risk of your lock screen popping up every five minutes, but it’s also just downright messy. Alas, whether you consider yourself a master chef in the kitchen or belong to the culinary hopeless club (*raising my hand shamelessly*) these air fryer cookbooks are chock-full of easy-to-follow recipes suitable for any skill level, taste, and diet. Happy frying, y’all!

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1. The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook

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Chock-full of one hundred different recipes for a wide range of taste buds and dietary preferences, this giant cookbook is designed to make using your air fryer to create healthy and tasty meals faster and more convenient. Some of the stand out dishes that caught my eye include Crispy Fried Dill Pickle Chios, Low Carb Jalapeno Poppers, and Buffalo Breaded Cauliflower Bites.

2. The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook

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This illustrated air fryer cookbook includes 75 easy, foolproof, and hassle-free recipes, from hearty meat dinners to delicious desserts that require minimal effort. Best of all, it’s designed specifically for first-time chefs, taking the guesswork out of air frying and helping newbies refine their craft in the kitchen.

3. The Essential Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook

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Whether you’re a long-time vegan or new to plant-based cuisine, this air fryer cookbook will help you make delicious and healthy meals that are fast, simple, and delicious. From crunchy onion rings to gluten-free samosas, this cookbook will teach you how to make good-for-you meals that don’t compromise flavor.

4. The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two

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Whether you’re planning a romantic meal with your significant other or having your best friend over for a wine and dinner date, this simple and easy-to-follow cookbook will help you make delicious meals portioned for two people to prevent wasting leftovers.

5. Every Day Easy Air Fryer

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With simplicity and ease in mind, this everyday air fryer cookbook has a slew of crave-worthy recipes that are perfect for those new to cooking and frying. Some notable recipe dishes include Shrimp Scampi and Chinese Spare Ribs and each one is designed to be ready in under an hour.

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