Biggest Gaming News of the Week

This week’s gaming industry news includes a surprising console announcement by Nintendo, as well as interesting tidbits about future Ubisoft or Rockstar Games projects. Bulletin mail has put together the top gaming news stories of this week into a short post that fans and enthusiasts can use to keep up-to-date on the most significant events in the industry each week. This list will highlight the most important stories and not all news stories this week. This is a list that gamers who are interested in gaming news can use to quickly review the most important stories from the past week.

Nintendo revealed a new version of the Nintendo Switch, with a better screen but not the Switch “Pro”. Tom Henderson leaked some information about Grand Theft Auto 6. These hints were confirmed by many industry professionals. Ubisoft has confirmed that work began on a project called Assassin’s Creed infinity. This will transform its flagship franchise into a live-service structure. According to rumors, Xbox Live could be discontinued in the near future. This week’s roundup includes all the latest news in the games industry.

Nintendo Announces an OLED Model Variant of the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally cleared up all rumors about a new console. This week, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED model . This new model makes modest improvements to the hardware, rather than the Switch “Pro”, rumors. The updated Switch, as the name implies, features a 7-inch screen with OLED technology and other minor improvements.

The new model includes a larger 64 GB storage space, an integrated Ethernet port, and a stronger kickstand that can be used for portable use. While the Nintendo Switch Pro is still possible, it could be at some point next to year. However, the OLED model does not mean that it will happen anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto 6 may be a live service, according to Corroborated Leaks

There are still rumors out there that have not been confirmed. However, several people in the industry recently confirmed some Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors. Most GTA6 rumors are sporadic and have varying degrees credibility. This leak by Tom Henderson was confirmed by insiders such as Jason Schreier from Bloomberg and Andy Robinson, VGC reporter.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has a new rumor that Rockstar Games plans a live-service approach. More precisely, Vice City will have an “evolving” map that is constantly changing over time. Henderson also stated that the game’s release date is not likely to be before 2024 or 2025.

Ubisoft Announces Assassin’s Creed Infinity and a New Live Service Model

Ubisoft confirmed plans for Assassin’s Creed Infinity as a live service for its flagship franchise, following a Bloomberg leak. Assassin’s Creed could take a similar approach as Grand Theft Auto 6, and split development every two years. The Infinity project describes a cross-studio collaborative structure that allows for iteration on an existing platform, adding new stories and settings.

Ubisoft provided some details about the team and personnel involved in the project, but no further information was available at the time. Ubisoft continues the controversy over several employees involved in sexual assault and harassment allegations. Some of these individuals are still allegedly employed at the company today.

Microsoft may discontinue Xbox Live Gold in the future

Although rumors had suggested that Xbox Live would be ending, Microsoft quickly confirmed that Xbox Live Gold services will continue to exist as they are today. Another report suggests that Microsoft may discontinue its premium multiplayer service, Xbox Live Gold. Jeff Grubb, GamesBeat reporter, said that Microsoft has likely plans to discontinue its premium Xbox Live Gold subscription at one point in the future, but didn’t specify when.

U.S. Department Of Justice Investigates Overwatch League

A Dot Esports report states that the United States Department of Justice launched an investigation into Blizzard’s Overwatch League. The soft salary cap for top Overwatch organizations was $1.6 million. This means that organizations and teams would have to return any salary paid to the league, which is based on a luxury income tax. This would mean that organizations and teams could spend twice as much, potentially costing thousands. The investigation by the DOJ is not criminal.

Auction: Legend of Zelda Sealed Copy Sells for Incredible Price

A record-breaking auction took place for a classic Nintendo video game, similar to the retro Super Mario Bros. auction earlier in the year. Heritage Auctions broke another record by selling a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda’s 1987 release at auction, fetching $870,000. Similar to the Mario game, this copy of The Legend of Zelda was professionally graded and sealed.

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