Bindi Irwin Reflects on 2020 by Honoring Unborn Daughter With Husband Chandler Powell

Several are taking to social media on the last day of 2020 to reflect on the tumultuous year including a number of celebrities. Bindi Irwin, who announced in September that she and husband Chandler Powell were expecting their first child together, also included herself in the celebratory trend. In her post, she reflected on some of the positives this year has brought, like the gift of her unborn daughter, but did not fail to mention the tragedies that have taken place.

“2020 – Words seem to fall short when trying to describe this year,” she started her lengthy post. “I wanted to share a recap on what the year held for us on a personal level. I hope maybe you’ll do the same. I feel like the best way to look forward is to also be reminded of all that has happened to bring you to this very moment. For us, this year was filled with both tremendous joy and heartbreaking loss.”

She continued by highlighting natural disaster that took place earlier this year in Australia, writing, “Our Wildlife Hospital was the busiest it’s ever been due to the Australian bushfires that raged across the country. We worked hard to send support to the front lines of destruction. We have now treated over 100,000 patients since our Australia Zoo’s 50th birthday and for the first time in our history we had to close our gates to guests for 78 days due to the pandemic. Our animal food bills alone are about $80,000 per week and we spent our days trying to keep our team and family of animals safe.”

Like many others, Irwin noted that she and her sweet family question whether they’ll ever be able to recover from such loss due to both the bushfires and pandemic. However, with a positive outlook, the beloved animal-lover is doing her best to keep her head up. “Every moment of every day the question of when or if we would recover burned in the back of our minds. However, we were reminded that there is always hope on the horizon. Things turned around in Australia and we were able to open our doors once again to people needing a safe haven of gardens and wildlife.”

After spending the majority of her post on what both the zoo and wildlife have gone through, she ended by highlighting a few of her own accomplishments this year from getting married to expecting her first child, calling their daughter the “light of our lives.” “I hope this next year brings some peace and we find a way to come together as a society. Please remember to be kind to one another and find happiness in even the smallest of things. Thank you for your amazing support and I’ll see you in 2021.”


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