Canned Cocktails: 23 Delicious Drinks For Whenever Beer Won’t Cut It

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If you aren’t big on beer, you’ve probably found yourself in the awkward situation of not being able to imbibe in places where only canned drinks seem to be what’s available—picnics, beaches, and other classic summer scenarios. Luckily, canned cocktails are more popular than ever, and it’s now possible to buy pretty much any cocktail pre-made and ready to pack in a cooler. Even if the furthest you get is your backyard, there are so many delicious canned cocktails ready to make your life so much easier. No need for juicers, measuring cups or shakers this summer. Just crack open a can, maybe grab a glass of ice if you’d like and get drinking.

The problem with canned cocktails, though, is not all of them are created equal. And, is there anything worse than spending $10 or more on a four-pack that nobody is going to like? So, to make sure you only end up drinking the best stuff this summer, we’ve put together a list of vetted canned cocktails that are sure to please. Because of distribution laws, not all of these cocktails are available nationwide, but you’re bound to find a few available near you. In most cases, though, you can get these delicious boozy treats delivered straight to your door. How’s that for convenience?

The next time you’re headed out to the beach—or your porch—with a cooler, or just want to take a break from trying to figure out how to make your favorite cocktail yourself, give one of these summer-perfect canned cocktails a try. You might even find yourself throwing away your shaker.

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Courtesy of Bev.

Bev Pinot Gris

This isn’t your average glass—er, can—of wine. The canned Pino Grigio has a hit of fizz with notes of elderflower, pear and a bit of a grapefruit finish. For those who love wine, but want something extra light and refreshing, this drink is for you.

Courtesy of LQD.

LQD Hard Passionfruit Green Tea

Your glass of iced green tea just got a deliciously boozy upgrade. Blended with tropical passionfruit juice, this hard green tea is sure to be one of your new summer favorites.

Courtesy of Cutwater Spirits.

Cutwater Spirits Spicy Bloody Mary

If you’d rather sit by the pool than head to brunch on a summer weekend, know that you don’t have to forgo a brunch cocktail. This spicy Bloody Mary is tangy and not too thick, and far easier than whipping one up yourself.

Courtesy of Babe.

Babe Sparkling Rosé

Not only is Babe’s sparkling rosé light, refreshing and perfect for summer, but it’s also cute as hell. If you’re as into aesthetics are we are, grab a few cans of this sparkling wine and have a quick poolside photoshoot.

Courtesy of Elenita.

Elenita Pineapple Jalapeño Mezcal Cocktail

Want to add a little ~spice~ to your pregame? These Elenita Mezcal Cocktails are the perfect pick, available in bold Pineapple Jalapeño or refreshing Cucumber Lime Basil. Spoiler alert, you’re going to love both.

Courtesy of CANTEEN.

CANTEEN Vodka Soda

Vodka soda fans, unite! CANTEEN Vodka Sodas are absolutely sent from heaven, made with real vodka and all-natural ingredients. There are five different flavors: lime, grapefruit, black cherry, watermelon and cucumber mint, the last of which is my personal fave.

Courtesy of Blue Marble.

Blue Marble Mojito

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a mojito filled with the flavors of fresh mint, lime and plenty of rum. This canned mojito cocktail brings the taste of summer to you, and you don’t even have to slice a slice a single lime.

Courtesy of Durham Distillery.

Durham Distillery Gin & Tonic

If you’ve ever tried Durham Distillery’s Conniption Gin, I shouldn’t need to sell you on this sweet, slightly sour gin and tonic. If not, here’s what you need to know: The gin is crisp (no weird medicinal taste that some cheaper brands have), and there’s a hint of Meyer lemon in the mixture that makes it better than anything you’d mix up yourself.


Courtesy of Boulevard Brewing Co.

Boulevard Brewing Co. Fling Mai Tai

This canned Mai Tai isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather not feel like you’re on vacation as you sip a strong, fruity drink, then by all means, give it a miss. If you do want to be transported to the beach, though, drink up.

Courtesy of Blue Marble.

Blue Marble Cosmo

There’s just something so effortlessly chic about a cosmopolitan cocktail. And while it’s difficult to get the perfect mix of vodka, lime, cranberry juice and triple sec yourself, this canned version has done it for you. All you have to do is pour it over ice and enjoy.

Courtesy of Boulevard Brewing Co.

Boulevard Brewing Co. Fling Margarita

For some reason, tequila-based canned cocktails are the hardest to get right. (Trust me.—I’ve tried several.) But this canned margarita nails the sweet-sour combo, even if it does err a little on the sweet side. When you don’t feel like breaking out your lime juicer, break out one of these babies instead.

Courtesy of Ramona.

Ramona Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritz

Do you think of wine spritzers as something only your grandma would drink? Fair enough, but that really isn’t the case these days. Ramona’s grapefruit wine spritz is geared towards millennials, and the packaging alone will make you want to take a four-pack to your next party. And yes, it tastes good, too.

Courtesy of Southern Tier Distilling Co.

Southern Tier Distilling Co. Bourbon Smash

Think of this fizzy bourbon smash as a cross between a whiskey-ginger and a mint julep. Then, go out and get enough of them to last you all summer.

Courtesy of Virtue Cider Mezzo Spritz.

Virtue Cider Mezzo Spritz

If you’re looking for a truly low-ABV day drink, this cider-based spritz is it—at 3.5% alcohol, it’s light enough to sip all afternoon. Also, it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, with its fun mix of mellow cider, bubbles, and slightly sour botanicals.

Courtesy of Cocktail Squad.

Cocktail Squad Margarita

Another win in the tequila category is this canned margarita from Cocktail Squad. Pro tip: Dip the rim of the can in a little bit of salt, and squeeze in a little extra fresh lime juice.

Courtesy of Cocktail Squad.

Cocktail Squad Whiskey Sour

Shake this “nitro” cocktail before you crack open the can, and it’ll pour like a fresh-made, creamy whiskey sour. It makes for a great happy hour drink, but there’s no wrong time to have one.

Courtesy of Cardinal Spirits.

Cardinal Spirits Bramble Mule

Do you even drink a Moscow Mule and think, “I wish there was a little more to this?” If so, the bramble mule is your answer. As well as classic ginger, its got tart raspberry juice and a floral hibiscus finish.

Courtesy of Durham Distillery.

Durham Distillery Cucumber Vodka Soda

Of course, what would any cocktail round-up be without a vodka soda? This twist on a classic features a hit of cucumber for an especially refreshing taste you’ll love all summer long.

Courtesy of White Claw.

White Claw Mango Hard Seltzer

There are no laws when you’re drinking Claws, so grab a pack of White Claw seltzers and enjoy the sunshine. These delicious drinks are a fan favorite for good reason, so treat yourself with a few this summer.

Courtesy of Rosé All Day.

Rosé All Day

Stock up on some seriously taste rosé with these cans of Rosé All Day. Now you can sit by the pool and enjoy a nice, cold can of rosé without even breaking open a bottle. Plus, the brand just released a new rosé spritzer that you can pick up on your next Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club run!


Courtesy of Cutwater Spirits.

Cutwater Spirits Rum & Ginger

Forget bulky Moscow Mule cups, this summer you’ll want to sip your ginger cocktail from a can. This rum and ginger mixture has a lower ABV than most canned cocktails (it clocks in at 7% alcohol), and its sweetness is cut by the spice of the ginger beer. In other words, you’ll probably end up sipping a few.


Courtesy of Loverboy.

Loverboy Mango Peach Spritz

Treat yourself to this canned mango peach spritz—with a twist. Each can has a kiss of chili pepper, so you get a little extra pop every time you take a sip. Loverboy spritz also comes a in blueberry lemon flavor, which we’re anxiously awaiting to come back in stock. (!!!)


Courtesy of Novo Fogo.

Novo Fogo Passionfruit and Lime Sparkling Caipirinha

Have you even tried a caipirinha? It’s a Brazilian cocktail of cachaca (a liquor made by fermenting sugarcane juice), sugar, and lime—in other words, it’s sweet, strong, and perfect for summer. This passionfruit caipirinha is kicked up an extra notch with tropical fruit, and tastes great straight from the can.

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