The Steam Deck is Already Being Scalped

Despite preventative measures being taken, scalers are targeting Valveā€™s Steam Deck handheld and reselling the queue spots on eBay at incredibly high prices. The new Steam DeckHardware from Valve might have received a positive reception in the beginning, but reservations problems have made it difficult for many to purchase one. Steam Deck is a new … Read more

The Last of Us 2 Gets Permanent Price Drop

Part 2 of The Last of Us The game has been available for more than a year and gamers who have not yet purchased the action-adventure title are excited to hear that there is good news. The game is now $20 cheaper on the PlayStation Store. There’s no expiration date for the discount, so the … Read more

Hunt: Showdown Adds Shrek’s House in Latest DLC

When trekking through the mountains, there is a lot of things to see and do.Hunt: Showdown. Louisana’s first-person shooter can accommodate all types of Mythical monsters and creatures Although the latest addition may surprise, it is still available. The Beast Hunter is a new DLC that adds Shrek, the terrifying ogre. Regular Hunt. Showdown players … Read more