Contra Returns, 90s classic game, comes on mobiles, pre-registrations open for Android, iOS

It is very difficult to remember how many hours I have spent in Contra, the game that many of us fondly remember as one of our iconic childhood memories. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay that way, as its developers are now ready to bring it back to life.

Contra returns with a modern twist for mobile platforms. This time around, it will be called Contra Returns and will retain the original side scrolling gameplay of the game. The game is scheduled to launch on July 26 for iOS and Android.

However, the game will only be available to play in certain regions. These include North America, Latin America, and Europe. Pre-registrations for Contra Returns are now active in these regions, for both Android and iOS users.

A new trailer for the game marks the start of pre-registration. The video shows a realistic animation in the preparation of the game. However, the gameplay remains like the original Contra, allowing users to shoot enemies while running to the end of a stage. Each completed level marks the progress in the story mode.

Contra Returns comes with several additions to this classic game.

While Contra in DOS was limited to story mode, its mobile version has many other game modes to offer. These include online team play, multiplayer battles, PvP, challenge, and of course an entirely new story mode.

Contra Returns also introduces new characters. While the original game only had Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, the mobile version brings six new characters. These are Sheena, Pulse Williams, Snow Bear, Gatelyn, Lucia Zero, and Brad Fang.

There will also be new weapons, ranging from sniper rifles to machine guns and assault rifles. As the game progresses, players will have to unlock new abilities, characters, weapons, and other game features.

Of course, there are several aspects that will remind you of the original game. In addition to the same gameplay and the two veteran Contra heroes, Contra Returns will also feature some of the old weapons, including cannons and launchers, as well as the game’s signature setup and soundtrack from the original series, this time in HD.

Developed by Konami and TiMi Studio Group, the game’s launch in new markets will mark a broader launch for the mobile version of Contra, first released in China in 2017. Although we will have to wait to see if the game makes it to India. . players in the short term.