Custom Friday the 13th NES Console Has Matching Controllers, Sound Effects

Atlus’1989NESAdaptation of Friday, 13thIt is controversial and some people still remember it as One of the most horrifying horror gamesThe greatest of all time. The game is still a favorite of many long-time gamers.

This is exactly the type of person who may want their own Friday the 13th Nintendo NES. This console is made to order and features two matching controllers as well as custom sound effects.

The shiny red-and black console’s roof features a pixelated Jason’s mask as well as the title Friday 13th in the iconic font. The NES controllers feature the same reflective black coating with faint red highlights at the back. One controller’s face features a recreation from the 1989 game’s version Jason’s mummified head. Even reduced to 8-bit graphics on plastic, the grotesque shrine still manages to look creepy. Another controller was a recreation of Friday 13th’s in-game map. This controller is a favorite of the artist.

When users press the Power or Reset buttons, the custom NES console plays sound effects. The Power button will play various sounds and music from the game. These include the title music and an 8-bit version of Friday the 13th Part 2’s famous theme. Jason’s strangely distorted whispering is also included. The Reset button also features three clips of Mrs. Voorhees’s disembodied voice encouraging Jason to go on his murderous rampage. A hidden easter egg is also included with the console. A line of text in pixelated text is displayed to console users, reading “Watch out! Jason’s still here and stronger than ever!”

The custom-made piece was created by Custom Nes Guy. Fans can order custom consoles and PCs from his Facebook page. The artist is still primarily focused on custom NES consoles. The pieces are finished with high-quality automotive paint that gives them their amazing shine. YouTube, TikTok and Facebook uploaded videos of his Friday, the 13th console.

Other notable projects include custom Mario and Zelda and Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles NES/SNES consoles. One of his TMNT consoles was even sold to a musician whose band performed Turtle Power in the 1990 live-action movie. The Friday, 13th console was his most popular piece. Custom Nes Guy posted a July 9th Facebook post saying that he had broken viewer platforms and that comments and requests flood his inbox. This console artist seems to be a viral success.