Emma Stone Husband Dave Mccary: SNL Director Baby!

Emma Stone, the Academy Award-winning actress famous for her roles in movies like “La La Land” and “The Favourite,” has always valued her privacy. However, her relationship with Dave McCary, a former segment director for “Saturday Night Live,” has attracted significant media attention. This article explores their love story, which blossomed away from the glare of Hollywood.

Encounter on SNL

Stone and McCary first met in December 2016 when Stone hosted “Saturday Night Live” and acted in a sketch directed by McCary. Their professional interaction sparked a personal connection that led to a discreet yet meaningful romance.

A Discreet Romance

Despite their prominent careers, Stone and McCary have successfully kept their relationship private. They confirmed their status as a couple in October 2017, almost a year after their initial meeting. Their ability to maintain privacy reflects their dedication to leading a normal life despite their fame.

Engagement and Marriage

The couple announced their engagement in December 2019 through a subtle Instagram post featuring Stone’s engagement ring. They exchanged vows in a modest ceremony in September 2020, underscoring their preference for intimacy and privacy in their union.

Becoming Parents

In March 2021, Stone and McCary welcomed their first child, Louise Jean McCary. The arrival of their daughter marked a new chapter filled with happiness and the responsibilities of parenthood.

Professional Collaboration

Beyond their personal lives, Stone and McCary have also collaborated professionally. They co-produced a film by SNL comedian Julio Torres, showcasing their shared passion for comedy and storytelling.


Emma Stone and Dave McCary’s relationship exemplifies love and partnership in the entertainment industry. Their journey, from a chance encounter on SNL to marriage and parenthood, all while safeguarding their privacy, resonates with many who navigate love amidst the spotlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Emma Stone and Dave McCary meet?

Emma Stone and Dave McCary crossed paths in December 2016 during Stone’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), where McCary directed a sketch she acted in. This professional encounter blossomed into a personal connection.

When did Stone and McCary make their relationship public?

Stone and McCary went public with their relationship in October 2017, almost a year following their initial meeting on the SNL set.

How have Stone and McCary managed to keep their relationship private?

Despite their prominent careers, Stone and McCary have maintained their privacy by keeping personal aspects away from the public eye, showcasing their dedication to a regular life.

When did Stone and McCary get engaged and married?

Their engagement was announced in December 2019, followed by a private wedding ceremony in September 2020.

Have Stone and McCary collaborated professionally?

Yes, they have collaborated professionally, co-producing a film by SNL comedian Julio Torres, merging their passion for comedy and storytelling.


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