Five Insects Attacking Humans Scenes That Give Us the Willies

Insects are creepy enough, but when they’re made to attack humans in movies they get undeniably creepy, not to mention dangerous since in some movies the insects are so numerous that stomping on them or nuking them with bug spray just doesn’t work, while in others the insects are the size of humans or bigger, so the fly swatter is a no-go. But then there are those movies where the insects just appear to have a ton of attitude, which is less than needed since a lot of insects are dangerous anyway and don’t need the added edge of having a serious vendetta against humans. Like it or not, insects do outnumber humans quite easily and they do multiply a lot faster. Creeped out yet? As if that wasn’t enough, some of the insects we see in movies are augmented beyond belief since it makes for a better movie experience and it ramps up the terror level in a way that wasn’t entirely needed but obviously pulls in a bigger audience. If insects get you crawling out of your skin in real life then it’s no doubt that some of these movies made you squirm if you had the chance to see them.

Here are some of the creepiest insect attacks in movies.

5. Creepshow

Really, this death isn’t too tragic since Upson Pratt isn’t the nicest guy in the world. He’s a rich, eccentric old man whose home looks more like an office setting and everything his white, clean, and absolutely sterilized. But Upson does have one issue, he can’t stand bugs, especially cockroaches. In a movie like Creepshow one already knows just how things are going to go down when a fear like this is revealed so quickly, and during this chapter of the movie Upson is forced to take a good look at the sanctuary he calls home as he finds roaches in his cereal, roaches that he thought he’d killed coming back to life, and of course, a bed covered in roaches that end up being his downfall. It gets pretty gruesome, but it’s an earned fate.

4. The Mist

Honestly, it’s like someone took a look at the Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the spiders from Eight-Legged Freaks and decided to toss them in a blender to see what came out. This nightmare-inducing specimen is a product of the mist that ends up rolling over a small town, disgorging monstrosities of all sizes and shapes that are fully intent on killing and feeding on anything they can find, meaning humans in this case. Worse than their appearance or their ability to stab and capture prey with those long, hooked limbs though is the fact that the webbing that comes from these creatures is highly acidic. Yeah, nightmare fuel indeed.

3. Eight-Legged Freaks

There’s a good reason why the majority of the entries on this list are spiders, and it has to do with the fact that spiders are just flat out creepy, to begin with. They’re necessary when it comes to nature, don’t mistake that, but there’s something disturbing about a spider that grows to the size of a human being or larger, and a lot of it has to do is that on the average a spider is much, MUCH stronger than a human being in relation to their size, so just imagine how strong a human-sized spider would be. Plus, think of the many different traits that different spiders have, such as the trapdoor spider, and you’ll at least give a serious shudder.

2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

It’s amazing that Willie could stomp, thrash, kick, and move about without getting bit by the various insects that were clinging to her as she was trying to help Indy and Short Round, but it’s also amazing that she was alive since at least a few of those bugs had to be poisonous and would have likely bitten her just because she wasn’t holding still. Bugs aren’t necessarily aggressive until someone or something facilitates a reason for them to lash out, but how Willie would get by in this scene without being incapacitated or even killed by an alarming amount of venom is beyond measure.

1. Arachnophobia

Arachnophobia is a very real fear and it can be crippling if it’s strong enough since some people really, REALLY fear spiders in a big way. But remember what I said about attitude? This spider has it in for the humans in a big way, as it’s seen to actively stalk the main character at the end of the movie and then apparently watches him in perverse pleasure, anger, or within some sort of vindictive feeling as the firelight gleams in its eyes. Imagine if spiders actually had this kind of attitude, how many of us might be out of luck depending on where we live?

Okay, that’s enough, time to go shake it off now.