French revolution copycat? –

To the Editor:

Are we, in this country, on the verge of a political system revolution?
Our circumstances are similar in possible outcomes to that of the late 18th century in France. There was a monarchy in charge and a very unhappy population. Two very different population groups. In short, “the French revolution played a critical role in shaping modern nations by showing the world the power inherent in the will of the people.” This line from the history of France. The similarities today are startling between the country of France in the late 1800s and this country today. Both times were witness to a growing apart of the two political entities. Although then the separation was between the royalty and peasant classes. Today it is between the Conservatives and the Liberals. Neither side today considers the existence of any middle ground. The members of Congress seem interested only in themselves first, and their party, second. The people are nowhere to be considered until election time.
The royal government was near bankruptcy, we here are in very deep debt. The French people faced heavy taxes; we are about to face the same. They had rioting, looting, and striking; looks like what we now read in our newspapers.
The parallels of both events are too many to include here but they remain to underscore what is possible, here, today.
Hopefully, there will emerge from Congress, a real companionship of political thought and eliminate the possibilities for conflict.

Joseph Kibitlewski, Ph.D.
Spruce Creek South


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