Hunt: Showdown Adds Shrek’s House in Latest DLC

When trekking through the mountains, there is a lot of things to see and do.Hunt: Showdown. Louisana’s first-person shooter can accommodate all types of Mythical monsters and creatures Although the latest addition may surprise, it is still available. The Beast Hunter is a new DLC that adds Shrek, the terrifying ogre.

Regular Hunt. Showdown players have already become accustomed to the supernatural realm they live in. Players are called bounty hunters and have the responsibility of hunting down powerful monsters, collecting their bounty, and capturing them. The addition of an ogre to the mix is unlikely considering that there are many other dangers in the environment and smaller monsters. Crytek could, however, be understood to mean that Shrek is present in the western fantasy shooter.

Crytek has added DeSalle to The Beast Hunter DLC. According to JackFrags (a Twitter user and YouTuber), the developers added Shrek’s home as an Easter egg. JackFrags found the opening between two large boulders at the bottom of the map. This leads to Shrek’s house in a clearing.

Although it is not an exact replica of the original home of the ogre, it comes very close. Shrek’s Hunt: Showdown house still features a large tree trunk and green grass as compared to the original. The shack also has a table and chair outside, and Shrek even has his toilet on the left side of the stairs.

Players won’t have to worry about how they will get out of Shrek’s swamp. Although his home is clearly marked on the map, the ogre himself has not been found. It’s possible that he is on vacation with his family, or working somewhere else. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Shrek was once a formidable threat by his own rights and would give Hunt: Showdown players quite a fight if he was challenged.

Shrek’s house aside the map is the first new hunt: showdown map for three years. Not long before was the addition to the Scrapbeak boss. It’s possible that Crytek may be hinting at a limited-time crossover in the future, but the Easter egg is quite cool to find. Crytek seems to be doing a lot more than just responding to the community’s feedback, but also having some fun.

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