Just Cause Mobile Game Delayed

Square Enix revealed that it will be bringing the Game Awards to life last year.Just CauseSeries to mobile devices A trailer for Just Cause: Mobile is shown. Although the game was revealed with a 2021 release window in mind, the portable version of the series is taking a bit longer to bake than anticipated. The team behind it recently confirmed that it has been delayed.

Just Cause: Mobile, as announced on the official Twitter account of the game, will launch in 2022. Square Enix stated that the COVID pandemic was a major reason for the decision. The statement states that “we’ve had to adapt to a new method of working”, and clarifies that this has caused delays to our development schedule.

Just Cause: Mobile joins the list of titles that were delayed due to the unexpected consequences of the pandemic. __S.9__

Just Cause: Mobile will feature a new cast of characters, and a brand-new story set within the Just Cause universe. It will not be Just Cause’stypical third person mayhem. Instead, the mobile version of the game will feature a top-down, isometric perspective. Players can roam open-world areas, engage in multiplayer PVP fights, and participate in an online challenge mode. This allows players to compete in races and other frantic battles to see which player can cause the most damage in a short time.

Square’s Just Cause: Mobile trailer was shown at E3. It showed four characters navigating through a military base on rockets and helicopters. They also drive through walls. It looks like a new and interesting take on the franchise, which will be familiar to Just cause fans.

Players can still enjoy the mainline series while they wait for 2022’s release. There are currently four entries. Just Cause 4, the latest installment, was released in 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It sees Rico Rodriguez, the returning protagonist, travel to Solis, a fictional country. He’ll be confronted with new weather effects such as sandstorms and chaotic tornadoes as well as an army known as the Black Hand.

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