Microsoft Flight Simulator May Be Adding Helicopters in the Future

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received a new update that suggests it may soon get helicopters. However, this could be delayed until next year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Since its introduction almost 40 years ago, it has been a mainstay in PC gaming. It’s not surprising that it is so popular, thanks to its beautiful vistas and realistic controls. Flying sim was inducted into the Strong Museum’s World Video Game Hall of FameNot that long ago. Despite all of this, one thing has been missing from the series: helicopters. This could be changing.

A blog post posted on the official game website discusses future updates to Microsoft Flight Simulator. A series of screenshots are uploaded to the post that shows the feedback table from the fans. The #1 slot is clearly a sign that helicopters are a popular choice. The developer received 1,506 votes and stated that they are planning to implement that feature but not before 2022. The second image also shows the #43 slot that says “Airbus Helicopters 135 Community Mod” and has 352 votes. The word “planned” is also shown next to the image.

Fans want helicopters in the game. A third-party developer actually did this. FlyInside had added the Bell 47 helicopter M*A*S*H* from Microsoft Flight Simulator back in May. A real pilot gave feedback that the helicopter was a welcomed addition with realistic controls. It becomes clear that this feature is requested and possible within the game engine.

Microsoft currently looks forward to the Xbox Series X/S game. The console version of Microsoft Flight Simulator was initially planned for a June release. This date has been moved back and the port will be available on July 27. Console players won’t have to wait too long.

The inclusion of helicopters is possible because the game is always updated. It’s not surprising that Microsoft hasn’t added them sooner. However, with the community placing it as their top priority, the developer evidently listened to the feedback. He will hopefully soon be adding helicopters.

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