Most Read Stories of 2020

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Reading! It wasn’t easy, but also, if the blog hit right, it was. Here’s the vast range of topics you all read over this long, dreadful year, from the comings and goings of America’s worst couple to the scourge of the master bedroom. Blessedly, the blog about what to eat to make your vagina taste good, which surfaces almost every year like herpes, did not make the cut this year! Pandemic-related, maybe, because no one’s really getting new sex, or maybe we’ve evolved beyond that. You read some blogs, we wrote some, and here they are.

Every couple in America has the potential to be America’s worst couple at any given point in time, but Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s amour is sickening in a way that ensures they will hold fast to this crown for some time. They aren’t breaking up just yet—in fact, they’re engaged!—but who knows what wonders 2021 might bring!

Jezebel’s very own medium to the stars, Joan Summers, channeled Kris Jenner’s innermost thoughts in honor of the news of KUWTK’s end and found beauty and humor in the madness within.

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Four years after the Kanye-Taylor-snake emoji kerfuffle, the truth about what Kanye either did or did not do is finally out, and in a fun twist, Taylor Swift wasn’t lying!

Simone Biles is a capable athlete who can do what she wants with her money, but we at Jezebel are only concerned about the size of this swimming pool, which is quite large for a woman who just clears four feet.

Season 4 of The Crown picked at the House of Windsor’s scandals and in doing so, neatly unraveled the years of careful reputation reconstruction in one fell swoop.

Ty Pennington’s rule on the home renovation front continued apace with a new show, Ty Breaker, but before anyone gets excited about that, it’s important to remember that all the houses he’s touched in his past often throw the new homeowners into crippling financial debt and turmoil.

The early days of the pandemic were hard on everyone and so no judgment should be cast upon those of us who sought comfort wherever we could find it.

There’s absolutely no shame—and nothing wrong with your relationship—if you and your partner decide to sleep in separate beds because it is more comfortable to do so!

I’d say that we’ll miss the motley crew of lunatics that have come to power since Trump was elected president, but one of the nastier side effects of Trump’s time in office is that these people will be around for longer than anyone would care to think about.

Hazing is bad, underwear is good, and honestly, an organizing body needs to completely reassess and overhaul college sports so that we don’t have to run headlines like this.

What does it say about this year that even the limpest, most uninspired rebrand like this one was managed to get three of the four women in question in office?

In 2020, Tekashi was released from jail and also had a song go to number 1 on the Hot 100. Perhaps his temporary resurfacing in the public eye caused some to investigate why it is he disappeared in the first place.

We will never truly know what transpired between Demi Lovato and her ex-fiancé, Max Ehrich, but I’d say that maybe, just maybe, his passion for Selena Gomez had something to do with it.

Pete Davidson’s body is hot (to some), and its hotness (to some) is heavily dependent on the veil of tattoos that covers his lanky frame. Those tattoos are going to be removed. Tragedy!

Who would’ve thunk that the big church for famous people that love the Lord is simply rife with inappropriate sexual misdeeds?

Regardless of where you stand on Cardi B., you gotta hand it to her for being unafraid of speaking out!

The slow drip-drop of information about the college admissions scandal that found Aunt Becky and Felicity Huffman briefly doing time was the gift that kept on giving. Obviously the daughters had something to do with it!

This shows up almost every year, but it’s nice that it’s at the bottom of this list, and not lingering up near the top. Perhaps no one had the brain space this year to figure out what a Kennebunkport Surprise is.

President Trump’s shiny brunette has a job in the administration, sure, but no one really knows what it is…

Take a rollicking journey into the true heart of darkness with this clear-eyed look at the nauseating rise of Madison Cawthorn.


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