‘Mythbusters’ Host Adam Savage Denies Sister’s Rape Allegations

Adam Savage, the former host of the longtime Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters, quickly responded and voiced his plan to fight allegations made by his younger sister that he sexually abused her as a child. A lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by Miranda Pacchiana claiming her brother, who is two years older than her, raped her when she was between the ages of seven and 10 years old. Savage, though, issued a denial in a statement through his lawyer to the New York Post.

Savage said “this needs to end,” adding that he hopes his sister “gets the help she needs to find peace.” Pacchiana, as she expressed in a message written on her organization’s page, has drifted from her family following what she claims a lack of response after she informed them of what she says to have happened. Savage goes on to say that this isn’t the first time something like this has occurred, “she has relentlessly and falsely attacked me.” He explains that she is only doing so in hopes of a financial payout, “she has tortured our entire family and estranged herself from all of us.” To conclude his statement, the longtime host of The Discovery Channel series said he will “fight this groundless” lawsuit and put a rest to all of this.

Pacchiana was able to submit her lawsuit as a part of the New York Child Victims Act, which allows claims of sexual assault to be made even after the expiration of the statute of limitations. In this case, the incidents occurred in the 1970s in Sleepy Hollow, New York according to Pacchiana. The lawsuit alleges that Savage forced himself onto his sister, making sure she never left the room and “would repeatedly rape Miranda Pacchiana and force oral sex upon her.”

In her statement on The Second Wound, Pacchiana said once she opened up to her family about what happened, no action was taken and the fault was placed on her. Being shunned away as she explained it, Pacchiana’s goal in creating her organization was to give victims of abuse an outlet to come to and an avenue for communication between the victim and their family.

Savage was the original host of Mythbusters along with Jamie Hyneman when the series first debuted in 2003. The special effects designer married his wife, Julia Ward, in 2004. He has twin sons that are from his first marriage.