NASCAR 21 Video Game Revealed

Fans of racing should be excited to hear that a new NASCAR video game will be coming to PC and consoles this year. Motorsport Games has made an announcementNASCAR 21The makers of the popular AAA racing sim, here’s a brand new AAA racing sim titleNASCARHeatSeries.

NASCAR21 will be a blank slate for the developers’ NASCAR simulations. This is partly made possible by next-generation technology. Motorsport Games’ last entry into the American stock car racing scene in 2020 was NASCAR Heat 5. It was billed as “the definitive NASCAR videogame experience.” The developers almost certainly will apply this tag to NASCAR 21.

Motorsport’s first venture into Unreal Engine will be the NASCAR title. This is in contrast to the Unity engine that was used to create the Heat series. NASCAR21 will also use Studio 397’s highly acclaimed rFactor2 Physics, which Motorsport Games purchased in March.

IGN interviewed George Holmquist, Motorsport Games’ director of graphics. He revealed that the game was created with Unreal and combined with the rFactor2 engine to create “more AAA-style games” than its NASCAR Heatpredecessor. Holmquist claims NASCAR21‘s screenshots speak for themselves about the game’s significant increase in visual fidelity.

NASCAR 21 has increased vehicle customization, in addition to improving visual fidelity and physics. Holmquist stated that customization is a key feature gamers want more of. NASCAR 21 has added a full-fledged paint booth to its NASCAR Heat series. While the Heat series already allows you to build custom cars, it’s been a long tradition. The paint booth was apparently developed with a large amount of community input. Holmquist claims that many “cool schemes” have been implemented while the feature is still in testing.

NASCAR21draws an interesting parallel to the situation in NASCAR at this time last year. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the racing organization to cancel or delay its live events in person. This required some creative thinking. The result was the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series in which current drivers competed against one another in the videogame realm. Although the transition to online racing was not met with great enthusiasm, such as driver Bubba Wallace quitting a race for his own safety, it was commercially a huge success. The NASCAR21video game aims to replicate the real thing, rather than emulating it.

The title will launch in the current year. However, no specific release date has been announced. Fans can still get their NASCAR 2021 fan packs in Rocket League until then.

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