PlayStation is Monitoring the Switch OLED, Could Change Hardware Pricing

Sony seems to be paying attention to how the Nintendo Switch OLED performs considering its high price and the few improvements it provides.

The new design was revealed. Nintendo Switch OLED The mixed reaction from both consumers and professionals was not surprising. However, many people have been eagerly awaiting responses from other console developers. Fans have changed their expectations of the Nintendo Switch Pro, and they are now looking for a higher price for minor extra features. Nintendo Switch OLEDSony is closely monitoring the situation to determine if the new handheld will set a precedent for console pricing.

Nintendo is a company that moves to its own beat. Its last few console generations have eschewed raw CPU and GPU power in favor of interactivity. The Wii’s motion controls and Wii U’s attempts at portability are just a few examples of unique designs. The Switch’s concept is perfect. There has been a sliver of hope that Nintendo would release a better console in all instances. The original Wii’s standard definition, even in this age of high resolution, is an example of Nintendo’s commitment to unique features overpower.

This is a concept that Nintendo is sticking to. The Switch OLED offers no performance upgrade over the original Switch, except for an additional inch of screen space (64gb base vs 32gb). Sony is most interested in the $50USD price tag, which is $50 more than the original Switch. This is despite the fact that there are no new features. Bloomberg reports that the Switch’s production costs are very low. The OLED cost is only $10 more than the original Switch.

The OLED sales will be interesting for Sony and Microsoft since older consoles tend to have their prices dropping as they age. However, Nintendo is making $40 per unit more. The Switch, on the other side, has not seen a price increase and the OLED will be more expensive for a small version of the concept. The global pandemic, which has been so beneficial for the gaming industry, has meant that the PS5_ and Xbox Series consoles are barely able to remain on shelves. This suggests that Sony could have offered a PS5 at a lower price and still had similar sales.

Nintendo’s decision to release the Nintendo Switch OLED has received mixed reactions from fans. Some question its purpose, while others question the performance. Despite its critics, the Nintendo Switch’s record of phenomenal sales since launch shows that it is not impossible to believe the OLED will perform. This is especially true when you consider how many people are trying to escape the constant lockdowns caused by the pandemic. The OLED’s performance could result in console prices remaining higher for longer or a general increase in price across the board.