Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible Nanoblock Collection

A Pokemon fan shows off a stunning collection of all the Pokemon figurines they have built using Kawada’s Nanoblock series.

In 2013, the Pokemon Company joined forces with Kawada in order to create a line devoted to Pokemon.PokemonFigurines for Nanoblocks are miniature Lego building blocks. The series started with Pokemon from Kanto, but it has grown to include future generations mons. The series actually released a new set of Nanoblock figures. Pokémon celebrates its 25th anniversary This makes it possible to get Pokemon like Garchomp or Kubfu.

One Pokemon fan invested in the line and took to social media to showcase their collection. Although they don’t yet have all the Pokémon Nanoblock figurines, they do have a great collection. They have built 46 of the more than 80 models, which is nearly half of what’s available. It is unknown if they will be able to grab the remaining Nanoblock models for display.

Reddit post by K1ros. The collection includes many Pokemon including Eevee’s evolutions and Mega Charizards X and Y. Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Lugia are also included. There is even a majority of the starter Pokemon at the beginning stages. They are well on their way to building them all as the title of the post suggests. Although there are still quite a few Pokemon left, the overall size of the collection deserves praise.

Kawada releases a new set each year of Pokemon Nanoblocks, though it seems that only 12 are available at a given time. It will take a while, if ever, for Kawada to release figures of all 898 Pokemon in its current canon. The good news is that the release process is slow so that Pokemon enthusiasts can continue to build and collect the figures for their growing collections.

It will be interesting to see whether Kawada plans on releasing all 898 Pokémon and if anyone builds them all. This would be a great tribute to the franchise. To put it mildly, the amount of effort and time required to complete such a project would be staggering. Kawada seems to have set its sights on releasing all the Pokemon in canon, but given how long it takes to do so, it’s probable that such a roster will not exist for a while.