Pune police launches inquiry against 2 runaway cops for flying crime scene

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The situation may seem amusing to many but just imagine if the law enforcement officials consider it to be a new weapon in fighting criminals in the modern day society – rather than confronting and detaining rule breakers the police flees the crime scene leaving the victims helpless behind. In that case, it won’t be too long when criminals would be roaming around scot-free, while the police hide behind the bars.

A similar incident happened, this week, when two police constables allegedly ran away from the crime scene after they saw four burglars threatening a watchman of a housing society in Aundh, an affluent suburb in the north-west of Pune, instead of confronting them.

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Due to the ignorant attitude shown by the duo, the society had to face burglary. A television set, cash and a silver chain, worth Rs. 21,000, from five locked flats of the society was stolen in the early hours of Monday.

Inquiry over unprofessionalism

Pune commissioner of police (CP) Amitabh Gupta told The Times of India on Wednesday that an inquiry has been launched against the two constables.

“I have ordered an inquiry against the two constables. They will be suspended for their unprofessional behaviour and neglecting their duties. They failed to react to the situation,” Gupta said.

According to reports, the two police constables went to the Shailesh Tower society in Aundh around 3 a.m. on Monday, when the four robbers carrying rods and knife came out of the building’s main entrance.

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The duo had reached the crime scene on their respective motorbikes. The constable riding pillion alighted from the bike and ran towards the right side of the building, while the other sped away from the spot.

The Chatushrungi police are searching for the robbers.

“The entire incident was recorded in the CCTV cameras of the society. Their footage revealed the two policemen fled the scene instead of confronting the robbers. One of the policeman was armed with an automatic rifle,” Gupta .

“I have sent a default report of the two constables — Anil Awaghade and Santosh Gore — to the senior police officers. They have ordered an inquiry into the matter,” senior police inspector Anil Shewale of the Chatushrungi police informed TOI on Tuesday.

Society watchman lodges complaint

Meanwhile, the society’s watchman has also launched a complaint with the police alleging that the two constables had left the crime scene without helping him rescue from the robbers.

“I was sitting near the entrance of the building when the four men entered through the main gate. They charged at me and slapped me. One of them pushed me hard and I fell on the ground. The one carrying a knife sat on my chest after I fell on the floor. I screamed seeking help from the residents. Someone from the neighbouring building called the police,” Yadav said.

“The three other suspects went upstairs in the meantime and broke open the locks of the five flats and stole the valuables. All these flats are occupied by tenants. They were not at home when the burglars struck. The incident frightened me,” he added.

The watchman further informed that though there are 25 flats in the society and only half of them have been occupied by tenants, but most among them were also left vacant after people moved out temporarily because of the Covid-induced lockdown.

As per police records, the suspects had arrived at the spot in a four-wheeler and had parked the vehicle on the main road, about 50 metres away from the society.

The police believe that the robbers could have stolen the four-wheeler earlier.


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