Reggie Fils-Aime Writing a Book on His Rise to the Top of Nintendo

Reggie Fils Aime, former President of Nintendo of America, announces that he’s currently writing a book about his life and career at Nintendo.

Reggie Fils Aime has been a key figure in gaming for the past 20 years. His role atNintendoIt is hard to overstate the importance of his contribution in guiding the company through difficult times and towards prosperity. Fils-Aime resigned from his position of President of Nintendo of America He is now writing a book to tell his story in 2019.

Reggie announced via Twitter today that he will be writing a book called Disrupting The Game: From Bronx to Top of Nintendo, which will be released next year on March 24, 2022. According to Amazon, Reggie will be sharing many of his challenges in both his professional and personal life. This book will share the lessons he has learned as a son of Haitian immigrants in the Bronx, and how he led The Big N into a new era–while still keeping Nintendo’s beloved appeal –these are the lessons he shared.

Disrupting The Game: From New York to the Top of Nintendo will be a highlight. It will discuss Reggie’s leadership style and perseverance, as well as his approach to happiness. Although the book is likely to focus heavily on Nintendo content, it doesn’t seem that this will be the only topic. Reggie joined the boards after retiring from Nintendo. Before that, he worked at Pizza Hut, raising $35 million for disaster relief.

The book could also be filled with Reggie’s memorable and iconic quotes or create new ones. His most memorable moment is the E3 2004 quote “My name Reggie, my name is Reggie. I’m all about kicking and taking names. And we’re all about making games.” Reggie, who was always open to self-deprecating humor and loved being called the “Regginator”, still enjoys interacting with his fans on Twitter. He could probably use this book as an opportunity to interact with the community.

Reggie Fils Aime joined Nintendo as a member in 2003. He is fondly remembered for his GameCube, but he also helped to stabilize the company during difficult times and transition it to unprecedented success with the Nintendo Wii. In 2006, he was elected President of Nintendo of America. He became the company’s face along with Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata. Reggie was always present at E3, showcasing the latest big thing, regardless of whether it would be a success. Reggie was always ready to show off the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Game Boy Micro, Wii U, and other products. With the triumphant Switch, Reggie rode off into the sunset. His book now explains much of the story.

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