Ric Flair Reveals Favorite Wrestling Moment During Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold as Balls’

Kevin Hart is ending 2020 with a massive episode of Laugh Out Loud’s Cold As Balls. He invited WWE star Ric Flair to join him in the cold tub for a unique interview. The two men discussed wrestling history, showed off their robes and then discussed Flair’s best wrestling moment.

The episode started with both men making their entrances to the fake football field, albeit with a major change. Hart walked out in his bathrobe while Flair had an entrance befitting a WWE star. Epic music played, smoke billowed out of the tunnel and then the 16-time champion walked out wearing one of his signature robes. He capped off the entrance by yelling “WOOOOO!”

As a wrestler that competed for decades, Flair took part in some of the biggest matches in brand history. He became the first person to compete in WCW’s Triple Crown, defeated Vince McMahon, helped form the Four Horsemen and became a multi-time Hall of Famer. However, Flair revealed that his favorite wrestling moment occurred later in his career.

“I get asked that a lot, and there have been so many, but it would be the match with Shawn [Michaels]” Flair explained. “I’m 59 years old.” This battle between the two wrestling stars took place in June 2003 at Bad Blood. Flair defeated Michaels after Orton intervened and hit Michaels with a chair.

Flair took over the conversation early by donning his iconic robe, and he continued the trend by constantly making fun of Hart for trying to avoid getting into the cold tub. The comedian in Hart acknowledged that the professional wrestler is a man well-versed in taking over a room and becoming the center of attention. As it turns out, this skill surfaced early in life.

“Yeah, I had that probably when I was about 14 or 15,” Flair explained. “I got in trouble at a boarding school at 15, and I just started ‘Nat-ching.” The professional wrestler explained that the term refers to over-extending your limits. Having fun and living life to your limits also fits the description.

With the Flair episode airing, the newest season of Cold As Balls is officially over. All episodes are still available on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud’s IGTV and Hart’s Facebook page. The guests featured in Season 4 include Jemele Hill, Chris Bosh, Tony Hawk, boxer Ryan Garcia, DeMarcus Cousins, Lindsey Vonn and Reggie Bush.


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