Sci-Fi Horror Game ‘INTERPOINT’ Receiving Overhaul Next Month

Released in Early Access back in April 2019, Three Dots’ sci-fi adventure horror game INTERPOINT will be receiving a massive overhaul in January. According to the latest entry on the game’s Steam page, the team has grown unsatisfied with the alpha, and has spent the past year and a half reworking the game.

According to the announcement, after becoming dissatisfied with the alpha build of the game, Three Dots “concluded that everything needs to be changed.” Their initial approach didn’t produce the expected results, resulting in the team having to “rethink the project and our approach to its development altogether.”

“Over the past 1.5 years, our three-person team has reimagined every part of the game and re-created it. We redesigned all levels, many aspects of the gameplay, puzzles, change the visual style and effects, and most of the plot to make INTERPOINT better and more interesting.”

The resultant “re-imagining” is the major update, which encompasses Episodes 1-3 of INTERPOINT. You can get a peek as the overhaul in the teaser below.

INTERPOINT puts you in the role of Harry German, a scientist working for Delta Labs. In the early 2020s, Delta Labs created the Quantum Entanglement Device, which allows portals to be opened to countless parallel universes. However, all of the other worlds discovered were either an almost exact copy of ours, or completely surreal worlds with unknown creatures. As these things go, something goes wrong, and Harry finds himself far from home.

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