Showboat DeSantis does it again

To the Editor:

Looks like our showboat governor did it again.
Blows into The Villages with one of his “aren’t I wonderful” media events. Last week he shows up at UF Health Hospital to outline his plan for distribution of the COVID vaccine.  Announcing that he will go against CDC guidelines and have the next wave of vaccine available to those over 65. That seems like a reasonable decision. He gives the impression that he is all for the right people getting the vaccine as soon as possible.
But now, here’s the good part: Lake and Marion counties have announced their plans for distribution – but Sumter County (where the majority of The Villages is located) so far has no plan because they do not know what and when the county allocation will be. But the showboat shows up in The Villages with no allocation plan for the vast majority of its residents.
Then showboat has the audacity to stand back and watch as five non-essentials get vaccinated. This group included a loser of the recent county supervisor election, and two community development supervisors, plus two more non-essentials.
The unmitigated gall of two elected community development supervisors placing themselves at the head of the pack to get vaccinated is disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves and their self-serving actions should not go unnoticed. (Full disclosure – I am an elected supervisor in Community Development District 2 – my ethics would not have allowed me to go ahead of the residents that elected me). The right thing for showboat to do would have been going to an area nursing home and showcasing a resident getting vaccinated.
As I suggested previously, DeSantis should have stayed the hell out of The Villages when he staged the fake testing rollout at the polo fields. He blew into town – made a big deal of getting testing started – leaves town and promptly there was no testing available.
To be clear this is not a Republican or Democrat issue – it is simply my opinion of a another supreme example of showboating and disgusting self-serving and failed judgement on the part of some elected officials.
Now for some good news. The Sumter County Health Department deserves a huge shoutout for the outstanding service they now provide for COVID testing. It’s easy, and importantly free with no insurance required. Simply call the Sumter County Health Department (352-569-3102) and request an appointment. Testing is available in The Villages at the annex at Morse and 466.

Bart Zoellner
Harmsewood of Belle Aire


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