Skyrim Player Uses Character Creator to Make Wood Elf from the Loading Screens

It might be 100 times more than the one inOblivionHowever, the character creator isSkyrimIt is quite outdated in comparison to the standards of today, such as the Demon’s Souls character creation. To be fairThe Elder Scrolls 5Although he is only ten years old this game definitely shows its age. Some players, however, are determined to get the best out of this character creator. Redditor Ivanttoridemybicycle has been able to make amazing use of it. The Wood Elf, which appears on the loading screens of the game’s games, is now alive and well.

Mods are required for certain elements of the creation, including the armor. It is amazing how Ivanttoridemybicycle managed to recreate this character, which was often forgotten. Skyrim fans were impressed by the creation and praised the Redditor’s talent in making the character creator work.

Ivanttoridemybicycle is known for recreating Skyrim’s loading screens in the game. They are the latest of a long list of characters. However, they have been the Orc barbarian and Argonian bartender. The Wood Elf archer refers to the loading screen image, which shows the player information about light armor and the Wood Elf race. Ivanttoridemybicycle was forced to create its own location for the photoshoot because the loading screen shows the character against a dark background.

This talented player points out that the accuracy of the loading screen is not possible without mods to Skyrim’s armor. Although the Wood Elf is shown on the loading screen wearing leather armor, there aren’t any other variations of leather armor. Ivanttoridemybicycle used a mod by another Redditor, the username bachmanis. For players who want to make this build, it is linked in the comments on the original post.

Ivanttoridemybicycle claims that this will be their last. They are out of ideas for Skyrim NPCs unique enough to create and they have been swept up in other games. For more information, players can check out the post.

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