The Steam Deck is Already Being Scalped

Despite preventative measures being taken, scalers are targeting Valveā€™s Steam Deck handheld and reselling the queue spots on eBay at incredibly high prices.

The new Steam DeckHardware from Valve might have received a positive reception in the beginning, but reservations problems have made it difficult for many to purchase one.

Steam Deck is a new handheld device from Valve, which will play most Steam games. The Steam Deck is often compared to the Nintendo Switch for its portability. However, it can play full PC games and has an attached controller.

To ensure that legitimate orders are received, Valve has implemented an unique anti-scalper queueing system for the Steam Deck. This system was quickly hacked by the overwhelming number of requests to reserve Steam Decks, resulting in temporary server downtime. Potential buyers are now discovering that full reservation slots have been sold by scalpers on eBay for hugely exorbitant prices. Some even offer the chance to be included in the first round.

The Steam Deck is selling quickly, so it’s not surprising that eBay has a hard time placing reserved spots. Fans will be frustrated by the high prices charged when purchasing through a scalper, in addition to the system’s low price. Although Valve tried to stop scalpers with an innovative new approach, it failed to realize its goal. The system remains up on eBay for prices exceeding $3,000.

The Steam Deck’s scarcity means that many gamers will either have to wait until it is available or spend a lot of money to get the new hardware. The Steam Deck, unlike Series X and the PS5, is designed to run PC games. The Steam Deck can play any game that is available on it, and all games are compatible with regular PCs. This means that anyone who doesn’t care about portability won’t have to jump into this idea immediately.

The Steam Deck is a fascinating piece of technology. However, the system is not intended to replace a gaming computer. The scalpers are an annoying part of any new device market. They must be stopped. However, they don’t have the final say over price or availability. Although scalpers can be frustrating, most potential buyers will be able to play the games on their existing PCs. This is because graphics card manufacturers are trying to address the cryptocurrency problem.

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