This Amish Buffet Has Some of the Best Fried Chicken in All of Kentucky

If you are looking for a hearty, home-cooked meal that will satisfy your taste buds and your stomach, you might want to check out this Amish buffet in Kentucky. Located in the town of Munfordville, Yoder’s Country Market is a family-owned and operated restaurant that serves authentic Amish cuisine, including some of the best fried chicken in the state.

What is Amish cuisine?

Amish cuisine is a type of American regional cuisine that reflects the culinary traditions and practices of the Amish people, who are known for their simple, rural, and religious lifestyle. Amish cuisine is influenced by the German, Swiss, and Pennsylvania Dutch heritage of the Amish, as well as the local ingredients and seasonal availability of the regions where they live.

Some of the common characteristics of Amish cuisine are:

  • The use of fresh, natural, and organic ingredients, such as eggs, milk, butter, cheese, meat, fruits, and vegetables, that are often produced by the Amish themselves or sourced from local farms.
  • The preference for homemade, scratch-made, and preserved foods, such as bread, pies, jams, pickles, sauerkraut, and canned goods, that are prepared using traditional methods and recipes.
  • The emphasis on hearty, filling, and comforting dishes, such as casseroles, soups, stews, roasts, and noodles, that are cooked in large quantities and served family-style.
  • The inclusion of a variety of meats, especially pork and chicken, that are often fried, baked, or smoked, and seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs, and spices.
  • The incorporation of dairy products, especially cheese and butter, that are used to add richness and flavor to many dishes.
  • The abundance of sweets and desserts, such as cakes, cookies, donuts, fritters, and puddings, that are made with sugar, honey, molasses, or maple syrup, and often feature fruits, nuts, or chocolate.

What can you expect at Yoder’s Country Market?

Yoder’s Country Market is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, who flock to the buffet to enjoy the delicious and authentic Amish food. The buffet is open from Monday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and offers a rotating menu of dishes that change daily. Some of the dishes that you can expect to find at the buffet are:

Fried chicken: This is the star of the buffet, and for a good reason. The chicken is fresh, tender, and juicy, and coated with a crispy and flavorful batter that is seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onion, and paprika. The chicken is fried in lard, which gives it a distinctive and irresistible taste. You can choose from different cuts of chicken, such as breasts, thighs, legs, and wings, and enjoy them with gravy, mashed potatoes, and biscuits.

Meatloaf: This is another classic Amish dish that is sure to please. The meatloaf is made with ground beef, eggs, bread crumbs, onion, celery, ketchup, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce, and baked until moist and tender. The meatloaf is topped with a tangy and sweet tomato sauce, and served with green beans, corn, and macaroni and cheese.

Ham and beans: This is a hearty and satisfying dish that is perfect for cold days. The ham and beans are cooked in a large pot with water, onion, garlic, bay leaves, and ham hocks, which add a smoky and savory flavor. The beans are soft and creamy, and the ham is tender and succulent. The ham and beans are served with cornbread, coleslaw, and pickles.

Vegetable soup: This is a simple and nutritious dish that is made with fresh and seasonal vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, celery, cabbage, tomatoes, and green beans. The vegetables are simmered in a chicken broth, and seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley, and thyme. The soup is thick and chunky, and served with crackers, cheese, and butter.

Pie: No Amish buffet is complete without pie, and Yoder’s Country Market has plenty of options to choose from. Some of the pies that you can find at the buffet are apple, cherry, peach, blueberry, blackberry, rhubarb, pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate. The pies are made with homemade crusts, fresh fruits, and natural sweeteners, and baked until golden and flaky. The pies are served with whipped cream, ice cream, or custard.

Why should you visit Yoder’s Country Market?

There are many reasons why you should visit Yoder’s Country Market, such as:

  • The food is delicious, authentic, and affordable. You can enjoy a variety of dishes that are made with fresh and quality ingredients, and prepared with care and skill. The buffet costs only $12.99 per person, and includes drinks and desserts.
  • The service is friendly, attentive, and efficient. You can expect to be greeted with a smile, and served with courtesy and professionalism. The staff are always ready to refill your plates, clear your tables, and answer your questions.
  • The atmosphere is cozy, rustic, and inviting. You can feel the warmth and charm of the Amish culture, and admire the decor and furniture that are handmade by the Amish. You can also browse the gift shop, where you can find Amish-made products, such as quilts, baskets, candles, and toys.


If you are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious and authentic Amish meal, you should definitely visit Yoder’s Country Market in Munfordville, Kentucky. You will be impressed by the quality and variety of the food, the friendliness and efficiency of the service, and the coziness and charm of the atmosphere. Yoder’s Country Market is more than just a buffet, it is an experience that you will not forget.

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