Whatever Happened to Glenn Plummer?

You’ve probably seen Glen Plummer in something and instantly recognize him even if you can’t place what you’ve seen him in since he’s been around in the last few decades. A lot of times he plays a very vocal individual that can be controversial or wise depending on his character since he’s played the villain a time or two and the individual that’s there for the main actors when he needs to be. He actually had a funny role in the movie Funny Farm playing along with Mike Starr, as the two of them played furniture movers that were seeking the town of Redbud where Andy Elizabeth Farmer, played by Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith respectively, had moved to a home in the countryside. I say the role was funny because due to a couple of delinquents that had a penchant for taking down road signs, Mickey and Crocker, Glen and Mike’s roles, they couldn’t find the town and became hopelessly lost. In fact, at one point they tried crossing an old covered bridge in the moving truck and found that the bridge couldn’t accept the weight as it started to collapse, almost killing them as they thankfully managed to back the truck out of the bridge in time. But the comedy continued until the next day in the movie when an irate Andy started to berate Mickey and Crocker when they showed up in the morning to finish the job. One can only imagine how this scene would play out in real life since Mickey and Crocker slept outside with the bugs and wild animals, hadn’t eaten since the day before, and had no idea how to get to Redbud. Remember, back then GPS wasn’t readily available.

Glen was also making his way onto the small screen around the same time that Funny Farm came out, and was already showing that he was able to hang with those that had been established for a while since his acting talent has been rather impressive over the years as he’s continued to grow and develop as a real talent. It’s very likely that many people remember him for a number of performances, but his turn as Luther in Trespass along with Ice T and Ice Cube was kind of impressive as he played another gang member that didn’t feel as affiliated as the rest of the group, much like the character played by Bruce A. Young, Raymond. But he was invested in the idea of getting Lucky, the adopted brother of their leader King James, back safe and sound, even though he’s the one that fired the shot that killed Lucky in the first place. This role was one that he didn’t feel entirely invested in, but played out anyway, while other roles that came along, such as Pernell in Menace II Society, was something that a lot of people took a little more seriously since he started off playing a kind of thuggish character that became a mentor to the lead character, Caine. The fact that he landed in prison for life without parole was a bit in the movie that was never seen but was always implied since he’d made several poor choices but had still remained a mentor in Caine’s eyes.

He’s been kind of an extra as well in his career since he was in both Speed movies, though his extra status was taken further when he played in both Showgirls movies as the same character as well. How many people really knew that there was a second Showgirls movie? The point is that Glen has never been above taking on B movies for the opportunity to keep working and has been one of those that has continued his career while accepting projects that don’t necessarily do much for his reputation but still keep him busy and manage to keep him paid. Sometimes that’s worth more than a reputation since one can’t pop their reputation in the oven and cook it up for their family or themselves for that matter, while the money that comes from working can go a long way towards living a comfortable life.  Plus, the fact that he’s continued working makes him easier to remember since he’s been in several different shows and movies that have continued to push his face out to the public, which is beneficial since it allows people to remember him and to recall the times they favor the most since the examples above, such as Funny Farm, are among the most amusing since this wasn’t exactly Glen at his best, but they were times when he was a memorable character for one reason or another. If there’s one thing that an actor should be taking from their time in show business, it’s that they’re creating memories that people will gladly recall from time to time.

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