Where to Find the Buried Blue Coin in Fortnite

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The Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 challenges are now live and these are definitely some of the toughest ones we’ve seen all season.

While there are some simple ones like dealing damage coming out of sand, there are also difficult ones that you might some help with.

One such quest is finding the buried Blue Coin in Retail Row. No, you don’t need a shovel to dig anything up, but you will need to know exactly where to look.

Retail Row isn’t the smallest location by any stretch of the imagination, so instead of racking your brain trying to find the exact spot, let us help you out by telling you exactly where to go.

Buried Blue Coin Location

Epic GamesVisit Retail Row for some free XP!

Lucky for you, it’s not all that difficult to find once you know exactly where to look. All you’ll have to do is head over to the spot on the map above, dig, and complete the quest.

You’ll find the mound in the garden of a yellow house on the west side of the area. Hit the pile of dirt with your pickaxe to reveal the coin and finish the challenge.

With this being the start of a new week of challenges, you’re bound to run into many other players trying to do the same thing, so stay safe out there!

If you’re lucky, you might find some players who are caught up in the holiday season who will let you do what you need to do instead of eliminating you on sight.

What’s Next?

Another interesting thing that this week of challenges brings is the return of gnomes.

If you remember Season 4, there was an entire plotline about these guys, so perhaps this could be the start of something new. This time around, Epic has included them as part of the main story instead of being a hidden quest.

In fact, there hasn’t been any sort of hidden quest so far this season, that we know of, so maybe Epic has something cooking behind the scenes. Maybe the Coral Buddies could make a return from the grave?

We’re almost a month into the season, so whatever Epic has planned will have to rear its head eventually.

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