Xbox Family Settings Update Will Keep Kids from Wasting Money on Microtransactions

Microtransactions are a controversial topic in the gaming industry. Many gamers decry small purchases such as loot boxes or weapon skins in triple A games. WhileAnti-lootbox legislationMicrotransactions seem to be available all the time these days. But,Xbox is taking steps to stop children from making excessive purchases or spending money on microtransactions.

Microsoft posted an update to Xbox Family Settings on the Xbox Wire. This will restrict the amount of money that a user can spend on one account. Microsoft claims that it received feedback on the feature. Parents can use this feature to reward good behavior and set an allowance. Microsoft specifically mentioned in-app purchases (which mainly refers to microtransactions) as one of the transactions that could be limited.

However, the new spending-limiting tools go beyond setting a limit. The Microsoft Store will allow parents to approve or deny their children from spending money. Parents can also view their account balances in the app to keep track of how much their child spends. Although it does not specify what these features will be, the post states that Xbox will continue to offer similar features in future.

You often hear of children who have had to pay huge credit card bills because they spent on microtransactions. Live service games have also seen a rise in transactions in-game, which can quickly add up for those who engage with them often. One 6-year old spent $16,000 last December on microtransactions with their mom’s credit card. This seems to be one of the special circumstances that Xbox wants to limit.

The app is free to download on Android and iOS. Parents can use the Xbox Family Settings app to manage their child’s account.

Although there are no other options for managing funds for children, it is possible to make it more popular if it proves to be effective. Microtransactions can lead to accidental overspending, which is especially problematic in digital age. This will, with any luck, help to reduce the problem significantly.